COVID-19 Communication & Updates

3/16/2020:  COVID-19 PDF

3/18/2020: (UPDATED 4/1/2020)  Selinsgrove Borough Temporarily Suspends Recycling

Due to the current national situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Lycoming County Resource Management Services has suspended their services with our recycling program immediately through April 30, 2020.  This date may be extended depending on how this situation develops.

Recycling containers will be locked and curbside pickup is also suspended.  Please do not leave any material at the drop off site, as this wold be considered illegal dumping and littering.

You have the option to hold on to your recyclables until April 30, 2020 or throw away the materials.  Recycling drop off boxes will be unlocked after the suspension has concluded from Lycoming County Resource Management Services.

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