Event Request For Temporary Street Closure or Restricted Use

If you are having an event in the Borough which requires road closures or restricted use to Borough roadways, then you need to complete an Application For Temporary Street Closing Permit-Revised 6-4-19.  This application needs to be submitted to the Borough Office as soon as possible, but no less than 60 days prior to the Borough Council meeting prior to your event. (Council meetings are the first Monday every month with exception of holidays.)

Prior to submitting the road closure request to the Borough, the applicant must coordinate with the Selinsgrove Police Department, Selinsgrove Fire Department, Selinsgrove Fire Police, and Selinsgrove Borough Public Works Department before the request will be granted by the Borough Council.

Additionally, the event requiring the road closure must be insured and list the Borough of Selinsgrove as an additional insured. Please be aware there may be additional costs to consider when having an event that closes the roadway such as traffic control, trash removal, signage, etc. These costs may be billed to the applicant if the Borough incurs expenses due to the event needing the closure unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

If your event in any way includes a PennDOT roadway, then you will need to also complete the required PennDOT Special Event Permit TE-300 .  It may be beneficial to set up a meeting with the Borough Manager to assist with this paperwork once you’ve received Borough approval. This permit approval from PennDOT can take up to 90 days so be sure to get  both closure applications into the Borough at least 90 days in advance. These types of events will need approval from PennDOT and the Borough so you will also need to follow the Borough road closure process as described above. PennDOT will also require proof that PennDOT is included as an additional insured as well.


Lobby Access (Union Alley Entrance) to Borough Office Now Open

UPDATE 8/15/2022:

The hallway door from the library/borough lobby access on the Union Alley side is now open for public access to the Borough Office.  This main entrance will be the only public access into the Borough Office.

The Borough Manager is here for you but there are many meetings on a weekly basis to keep our Borough running smoothly.  If you would like to meet with the Borough Manager, please make an appointment by calling 570-374-2311 or emailing lmartz@selinsgrove.org.

MANDATORY MEETING: Applicants of the Gelnett Trust Grants

If you’re a part of an organization that receives Gelnett Funding from the Borough of Selinsgrove or would like to learn how to receive Gelnett funding you must attend the Borough’s mandatory Gelnett meeting on September 21st at 3:00pm in Council Chambers. You may be eligible for Gelnett funding if your organization is located in the Borough of Selinsgrove, a 501( c ) 3,  or governmental entity serving the Selinsgrove community. Please contact the Borough at borough@selinsgrove.org for more information to find out about eligibility.

For more information about the benefactor of the Gelnett Trust:

Rudy Gelnett: The Patron of Selinsgrove · Two Red Bicycles · Two Red Bicycles (omeka.net)

Utility Rate Increase – Effective April 1, 2022

Selinsgrove Borough Council met on March 21, 2022 to review utility rate increases proposed by the Borough Engineer.  The Finance Committee annually reviews the operating revenues and operating expenditures of each fund.  Borough Council has not raised utility costs over the last few years.  The last water rate increase was in 2010 and the last sewer rate increase was in 2016.  Due to unfunded mandates, the Covid-19 pandemic, and new certification requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, the Borough needs to adjust rates to cover these increased costs to continue to provide quality service and improve infrastructure.  Borough Council will need to continue to monitor costs going forward as inflation increases and infrastructure ages.

Please refer to the two attachments for more information on this utility rate increase which begins April 1, 2022.

Utility Rate Increase Letter

Utility Rate Increase Effective 4-1-2022


Initiative to Help Control the Feral Cat Population (It’s kitten season…)

Selinsgrove Borough and Cherished Cat Rescue Alliance (www.cherishedcats.org/tnr) have joined forces to control the feral (stray) cat population in the borough humanely. If you have a cat colony in your life/neighborhood and would like help to get them humanely trapped and neutered simply go to the Borough office and complete an application. That application will get scanned to the TNR (Trap~Neuter~Return) Coordinator who will be in touch about the details of the program and to lend traps and provide assistance if needed. The cats to be trapped MUST have a caretaker who feeds them regularly and provides them with shelter from severe weather conditions. Depending on what clinic/hospital you use the cost could be from FREE and up to $27 per cat and everywhere in between. This includes the spay/neuter, Rabies Vaccine, ear tip and flea meds. ALL CATS must come in a Humane (live) Traps. CCRA has some to lend out and you will be trained in their use. Cherished Cat Rescue Alliance is looking for people who are interested in getting involved with the TNR effort in our area. Visit their website to learn how you can be part of this very important and rewarding initiative or call Robin Montgomery at 570-374-0330 for more information.
Did You Know

TNR Application updated 2021.docx

Landlords/Renters: Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Check out the website below to see if the Union-Snyder County Action Agency (USCAA) may be able to help you with financial help toward rent and utilities due to the impact of COVID-19.


Applications can be completed at the state’s benefit website compass.state.pa.us or by printing the application to turn in at the USCAA building (with an appointment – call to schedule).

570-374-0181 ext. 604

If you plan to visit their office, it is best to call and schedule an appointment.