Trick or Treat Statement from Mayor Reed

“The Borough of Selinsgrove is committed to promoting the health and safety of our residents. While we will not be holding an “official” Trick or Treat time for Halloween 2020 given the possible impact on the health of participants due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Borough in no way opposes the practice of private trick or treating if it is done safely and in compliance with state and federal guidelines. While no official trick or treating event will be held the Borough will anticipate private Halloween activities to take place between 6:00pm and 8:00pm on Saturday, October 31st. Please do your part to protect the safety of yourself and your community if you do decide to participate.”


Mayor Jeff Reed

Borough of Selinsgrove

Virtual Council Meetings

Virtual Council Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, Selinsgrove Borough Council will continue to practice safe social distancing and wear face masks during their regularly scheduled Council meetings at the Borough Offices located at One North High Street Selinsgrove, PA 17870 until further notice. To find the date for each Council meeting please check out the Borough Event Calendar on the Borough website at: The agenda for each Council meeting will be posted on the Borough’s website at:


The building will be physically limited to staff and Council, but the public may participate in this meeting and future meetings virtually. Any interested members of the public who want to participate via phone will need to call the Borough Office at 570-374-2311 or email the Borough at to pre-register for the meeting and receive a call-in code or link for the virtual Council meeting. Individuals interested in participating in this meeting should notify the Borough as soon as possible and by no later than 4:00 PM on the day of the scheduled Council meeting.


Additionally, interested individuals may also provide comments and/or questions prior to each meeting either by calling the Borough Office at 570-374-2311, dropping written questions in the “Water Bill” mail slot on the front of the Borough Building or by emailing comments and/or questions to the email address listed above. Comments and/or questions received will be read aloud and responded to during the Council meeting. Please continue to monitor our website,, for alerts affecting Selinsgrove Borough residents.


Lauren Martz

Borough Manager/Secretary

Grease and Flushable Wipes: Unforeseen Clogs, Buildup/Back-Ups, and Major Expense

Grease dumped down drain and “flushable” wipes flushed down the drain can be an unforeseen major expense when it comes to your pipes or your neighbor down the street.  Please be responsible and dispose of grease and wipes in the trash.

Businesses: COVID-19 Loan Program (SEDA-COG)

SEDA-COG has a new loan program to provide funding for businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in its 11 central PA counties, including Snyder Co.  The SEDA-COG EDA COVID-19 Loan has limited funds and will end once all funds are exhausted, but requires no payments for the first six months.

For-profit businesses can apply for loans of at least $10,000.  Contact SEDA-COG at 570-524-4491 for interest rates.  The funds can be used for acquisition of commercial real estate, working capital, and equipment.  Funds can be disbursed based on past working capital expenses.

Assistance from CARES – Heating Unit Repair or Replacement

If your heat source is malfunctioning, contact the County Assistance Office (Snyder County: 570-374-8126) to see if you qualify for a heating unit repair or replacement.  The Assistance Office will notify SEDA-COG and a subcontractor will be assigned to do the work.  Funds are available until August 31, 2020 or until they are gone.