Snow Emergency Friday Morning Snow Cleanup Plan:

Selinsgrove Borough Snow Emergency Advisory
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Selinsgrove Borough will be continuing to plow the main travel portions of all Borough Streets and Alleys through late this evening.

Beginning early Friday morning, the Borough will be removing snow as follows:

1. from the street, parking stalls and sidewalk areas of Market Street from Bough Street to Snyder Street;
2. from the street and parking stalls for Pine Street from Front Street to Orange Street, for Chestnut Street from Water Street to High Street, and for University Avenue/Walnut Street from Water Street to High Street;
3. from the one side of the street to which snow has been plowed for High Street from Chestnut Street to Sassafras Street, for Snyder Street from Orange Street to Broad Street, for Snyder Street from Market Street to Water Street, and for Water Street from Mill Street to Pine Street.

The Borough asks that all vehicles be removed from these areas
to facilitate the removal of snow.

The Borough will be pushing back the snow banks to as close to the curb as possible throughout the remainder of the Borough. Residents are advised to remove their cars from all other Borough streets on Friday, wherever possible, to permit this operation. We recommend that at least a portion of the clearing of sidewalks adjacent to streets be postponed until this push-back can be accomplished. Under the current conditions, the Borough’s Ordinance permits 48 hours after the end of the snowfall for the required full-width clearing of sidewalks.

Borough property owners are reminded that snow may not be blown, thrown or otherwise deposited into the travel lane of any Borough street or alley. A fine of up to $300 may be imposed for each such offense.

Lauren A. Martz
Selinsgrove Borough Manager
Selinsgrove Municipal Building
One North High Street
Selinsgrove PA 17870
(570) 374 – 8902 (F)
(570) 374 – 2311 (W)

Declaration of Disaster Emergency – Winter Storm Gail


WHEREAS, on or about December 16 & 17, 2020, Winter Storm Gail will cause or threaten to cause injury, damage, and suffering to the persons and property of the Borough of Selinsgrove; and

WHEREAS, the disaster has endangered the health, safety and welfare of a substantial number of persons residing in the Borough, and threatens to create problems greater in scope than the Borough, may be able to resolve; and

WHEREAS, emergency management measures are required to reduce the severity of this disaster and to protect the health, safety and welfare of affected residents in the Borough;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, the undersigned Mayor of the Borough of Selinsgrove, pursuant to the provisions of Section 7501 of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code, (35 PA C.S., Section 7501), as amended, do hereby declare the existence of a disaster emergency in the Borough of Selinsgrove;

FURTHER, I direct the Borough Emergency Management Coordinator to coordinate the activities of the emergency response, to take all appropriate action needed to alleviate the effects of this disaster, to aid in the restoration of essential public services, and to take any other emergency response actions deemed necessary to respond to this emergency.

STILL FURTHER, I authorize officials of the Borough of Selinsgrove to act as necessary to meet the current exigencies of this emergency, namely: by the employment of temporary workers, by the rental of equipment, by the purchase of supplies and materials, and by entering into such contracts and agreements for the performance of public work as may be required to meet the emergency, all without regard to those time-consuming procedures and formalities normally prescribed by law, mandatory constitutional requirements excepted.

This Declaration shall take effect immediately.

Snow Cleanup

Considering the projected snowfall amount for the Selinsgrove Area, the Borough of Selinsgrove requests the following:

All residents should move cars from the streets to off-street parking areas. Borough employees will make every effort to plow snow as close to the curbline as possible. This will allow better travel conditions and assist all property owners, residents and business owners to clear a parking area on the street following the snow storm.

This only creates a road hazard.

Being proactive in clearing around hydrants, can help save lives in the event of a fire.

Additionally, a reminder to all property owners that you have 24 hours after the snow stops to clear sidewalks. During a snowfall of this magnitude, it may become necessary to plow snow onto sidewalks to keep the streets passable.

The most important objective of the Borough Public Works Department is safety. They will make every effort to keep the streets navigable for all motorists and it needs the cooperation of all property owners.

Alert: Drought Watch – Requires a voluntary reduction of water use by 5%

There is currently a Drought Warning for Snyder County and many other counties in the State of Pennsylvania which is due to “low stream flows, declining groundwater levels, and below-normal precipitation primarily across counties in the central and western portions of Pennsylvania.”

You will notice the Drought Phases listed on each water/sewer/recycling bill sent out to residents of the Borough.

The Drought Phases:

Drought Watch – Voluntary reduction of water use by 5%

Drought Warning – Voluntary reduction of water use by 10%

Drought Emergency – Mandatory water restrictions and implementation of water rationing.

Teleconference Continued Council Meeting and CDBG Coronavirus Response Project Selection

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, Selinsgrove Borough Council will practice safe social distancing and wear face masks during their reconvened Council meeting from June 1st on Monday, June 8th at 7:00pm at the Borough Offices located at One North High Street Selinsgrove, PA 17870. The agenda for this meeting is posted here: Agenda_June 8, 2020. The building will be physically limited to staff and Council, but the public may participate in this meeting and the CDBG Public Hearing via a virtual video web and tele conference. The public is invited to observe and participate in the meeting and hearing as follows: To access via web video, type the link:; To access via telephone dial +1(470)8692200 and enter Meeting ID: 148 109 3279. The meeting will be recorded. The meeting platform is accessible to persons with disabilities. If accommodations are needed for those with special needs related to language, sight, or hearing, please call 570-522-7241, at least five days in advance. Individuals interested in participating in this meeting should notify the Borough by 4:00 PM on Monday, June 8th. Additionally, interested individuals may also provide comments and/or questions prior to the meeting either by calling the Borough Office, dropping written questions in the “Water Bill” mail slot on the front of the Borough Building or by emailing comments and/or questions to the email address listed above. Comments and/or questions received will be read aloud and responded to during the Council meeting. Please continue to monitor our website,, for alerts affecting Selinsgrove Borough residents.

Lauren Martz

Borough Manager/Secretary

Street Sweeping – Street Parking

Thank you to all of the residents of Selinsgrove for your patience during the last couple of months with the changes that needed to be made.  As we are gradually moving back to a normal routine, we would like to reassure you Street Sweeping is back to the regular schedule.  As of Monday, June 15, 2020 (Sunday into Monday) parking enforcement during Street Sweeping will resume.  If you are unsure of the schedule, please click the link to find out when your car will need to be off of the street.  This service is an important part of keeping the storm drains clear to prevent the backup of water in the streets.  Please abide by this schedule.


Selinsgrove Community Action Needed: Wear Your Face Masks

Please click on the link below for an important message from Mayor Jeff Reed and Council President Marvin Rudnitsky regarding wearing face masks in public:

Selinsgrove Community Action Needed Wear Your Face Masks

Borough Buildings Closed for Face-Face Operations

UPDATE 5/18/2020: Beginning on Thursday, March 19, 2020, Selinsgrove Borough  government will cease normal operations and begin a special operations mode.  Special Operations will continue until at least Monday, June 1, 2020 at which time the situation will be reevaluated by the Borough.  This special operations mode will include the efforts to comply with the Governor’s announcement and encourage social distancing among our residents and visitors.

Although our Borough buildings will close, we will maintain minimum staffing levels to respond to the needs of the community.  Borough Office staff will be available by phone or email Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.  Members of the public needing to deliver hard copy items to the Borough Office can use the drop box attached to the building along the alley side of the building near the Library Entrance Door.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Selinsgrove Borough Office at 570-374-2311 or email us at

Emergency Preparedness

In an emergency, knowing what to do is your best defense.
Start now by learning the risks, making an emergency plan and getting involved to help others. –