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 Rental Unit Occupancy Regulations

Selinsgrove Borough adopted New Rental Unit Occupancy Regulations. To implement these regulations, the Borough is updating its Occupancy Permit records pertaining to both Residential and Non-Residential Rental property within the Borough. The Rental Property Registration Form is used to assist in this effort. Residential and Non-Residential Rental property owners are asked to complete the form. The new regulations do not impose any new requirements for Non-Residential Rental Property. The information below pertains primarily to residential rental property.

The new regulations do pertain to all dwelling units within the Borough of Selinsgrove that are occupied by one or more persons under a rental agreement; written or oral, actual or effective. For your use and information:
  • A copy of Selinsgrove Borough's PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE.     Property Maintenance Code.pdf
  • A copy of the PRE-INSPECTION CHECKLIST that is required to be completed prior to entering into a rental agreement.   Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017-2018.pdf
  • A copy of the RENTAL PROPERTY REGISTRATION FORM, that is to be completed for all regulated rental units and returned to the Borough office yearly with fee.   Rental Property Registration Form 1-2014.pdf
  • The new regulations specify duties of both the owner and the occupant. The regulations also require that a license be acquired and maintained for all regulated rental units.

Following the registration of the residential rental unit, you will be notified of the month and year by which the unit must have completed the first mandatory inspection. In the future, you will be notified every three (3) years to have completed an inspection of the property.

Copies of the Selinsgrove Borough Property Maintenance Code and a more extensive Checklist are available at the Borough Office. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Borough Office.