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Recycling Opportunities for Selinsgrove Borough


Recycling Drop-Off Center
West Sassafras Street

Every Thursday—8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
First & Third Saturday of each month -
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon

(Closed on Holidays-No Make Up Day)
(Closed-November 26th-Thanksgiving Day)

 1. Tin/Steel Cans: (Rinsed Cans Only) No scrap metal, paint or aerosol cans.

2. Aluminum: (Rinsed Cans Only) Beverage cans. No foil, paint, aerosol cans or scrap metal.

3. Glass: Clear, Blue/Green and Brown: (Rinse and remove caps.)  Jar and bottle form only. No window glass, dishes, drinking glasses or candle jars.

4. Plastics: Nos. 1’s and 2’s: (Rinse.)  Bottle shaped, mouth smaller than body.  (No motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, or chemicals.)

5. Corrugated Cardboard (Breakdown) and Paperboard:  No waxed cardboard.  Examples of paperboard are as follows:  Toilet paper/paper towel rolls, soda boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, junk mail including window envelopes, etc.

6. Hi-Grade Office Paper: Full sheets or shredded.  (No plastic window envelopes, oak tag paper, paper back books or hard cover books.)

7.     Newspapers:  Must be clean and dry.  (Remove all glossy inserts and put with magazines.)  Not tied or in bags.

8. Magazines, Catalogs & Phone Books:  Must be clean and dry.  Not tied or in bags.

9. Batteries: Vehicle type batteries only.

10.   Plastics:  Co-mingled:  (Rinse.)  All plastics #3-9 (except 1's & 2's in bottle form, see #4 above.)  Clamshells, buckets (without metal handles), yogurt cups, butter cups, lids, medicine bottles, hard plastics, PVC and industrial plastics, etc. 

 NOTE: NO drop-off prior to or after scheduled times.  Violators will be prosecuted.  Residents must separate recyclables and deposit items in appropriate containers provided.


Hand Up Foundation from Milton and the Borough of Selinsgrove are partnering together to provide recycling for paper/documents for shredding, Styrofoam, Freon products (refrigerators, air conditioners, dehydrators, etc.), and large non-Freon appliances (washers, dryers and stoves) for no charge.  Hand Up will also be accepting flat screens up to 25 inches for $15 and flat screens 26 inches or more for $30, CRT's (old style) and monitors - $.50/pound and small appliances such as microwave and toaster ovens for $3.00.

The program will begin Saturday, April 1, 2017 and will continue on the first Satruday of each month thru November 4, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in front of the Borough Shed/Recycling Center on Sassafras Street.  Hand Up Foundation will only accept the items listed above on the first Saturday of each month when a Hand Up Foundation representative is present.  This program will stop for the winter months and will pickup again in March or April of 2018.   


 Curbside Recycling


Aluminum and Glass Pickup

Last Wednesday of Each Month

(items must be placed at curbside prior to 8:00 a.m.)


1.    Aluminum Beverage Cans (typically, soda and beer cans).

2.    Clear Glass—Bottles & Jars (no candle jars, plates, or drinking glasses).

3. Blue/Green Glass—Bottles & Jars.

4.    Brown Glass—Bottles & Jars.

Glass must be separated by color or the recycler will not pick them up.  Place items in any solid, open-top container.  Selinsgrove Borough no longer has containers available.  Do not use plastic or paper bags.


 Current Recycling Brochure

 Brush Pickup

  Brush Pickup

May 1, 2017 and

October 16, 2017

Brush, branches, tree limbs, tree trimmings (no bigger than 4” in diameter, and limited to 1 cubic yard--equal to a combined container capacity of 200 gallons) will be picked up curbside. Garden residue, twigs, vines, soft stem plants and weeds (no grass clippings, roots, dirt or soil debris, or garbage bags) must be placed in moisture-proof, open-top containers capable of permitting materials to be picked up and dumped into a truck (limit of 30 pounds/container). Items are to be placed along the curb, but not out into the street, before 7:00 a.m.   

 Leaf Pickup

  Leaf Pickup

October 30 through
November 22, 2017

 (or the first snowfall)

(pickup will follow the street cleaning schedule)

Leaves are to be placed along the curb, but not into the street, before 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day for your street.  Leaves may be bagged but may not include brush, twigs, branches, grass, vines, soft-stem plants, any other similar materials that would clog the Borough’s leaf vacuum, or any non-vegetative matter.


 Christmas Tree Pickup

  Live Christmas Tree Pickup

Christmas trees, which are placed along the curb, will be picked up during the first 10 working days in January.  No plastic bags, decorations or other attachments (tree stands) will be picked up.


 Compost Site

  Borough Compost Yard Drop-Off
South end of Strawberry Alley
(always open)

Garden Residue, Brush and Leaves ONLY.  Place at locations noted by signs in yard area.  (No grass clippings.  No bags.  No demolition material or fill.)  Composted leaves and mulch are available to Borough residents.