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 Permits and Applications

Ordinances, Forms and Applications

These permits and applications may be downloaded and then printed on your printer by clicking on the appropriate link. Then, submit the completed form to the Borough Office for processing.

Get Adobe Reader ButtonThese documents will require Adobe Reader or other PDF reader.  Click on the icon on the left to visit the Adobe website and download correct version of Reader for your computer.


Application For Low Cost Spay-Neuter.pdf
Application For Low Cost Spay-Neuter
Application for Low Cost Spay-Neuter8/9/2017129 KB
Application For Temporary Street Closing Permit - Revised 1-5-15.pdf
Application For Temporary Street Closing Permit - Revised 1-5-15
Application For Temporary Street Closing Permit - Revised 1-5-151/6/2015216 KB
Application to Appeal to the Decision of the Zoning Officer.pdf
Application to Appeal to the Decision of the Zoning Officer
Application to Appeal to the Decision of the Zoning Officer5/28/20131259 KB
Banner Placement Request.pdf
Banner Placement Request
Banner Placement Request7/12/201244 KB
Discounted Pool Pass 2018.pdf
Discounted Pool Pass 2018
2018 Discounted Pool Pass9/14/2017168 KB
Gelnett Trust Application.pdf
Gelnett Trust Application
Gelnett Trust Application10/19/2015256 KB
Grease Trap Cleaning Log.pdf
Grease Trap Cleaning Log
Grease Trap Cleaning Log6/25/201533 KB
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs.pdf
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance9/8/201718815 KB
Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017-2018.pdf
Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017-2018
Pre-Inspection Checklist 2017-20189/19/2017151 KB
Recreational Facilities Brochure.pdf
Recreational Facilities Brochure
Recreational Facilities Brochure3/14/2011606 KB
Rental Property Registration Form 1-2014.pdf
Rental Property Registration Form 1-2014
Rental Property Registration Form 1-20141/15/201463 KB
Request for Residential Security Check.pdf
Request for Residential Security Check
Request for Residential Security Check8/18/2015100 KB
Right to Know Request Form.pdf
Right to Know Request Form
Right to Know Request Form8/4/201593 KB
Selinsgrove Borough Employment Application.pdf
Selinsgrove Borough Employment Application
Employment Application5/12/201138 KB
Selinsgrove Borough Police Officer Application for Employment.pdf
Selinsgrove Borough Police Officer Application for Employment
Police Officer Employment Application11/20/2015254 KB
Shade Tree Commission Permit10/24/2006254 KB
Sign Permit Application 1-9-17.pdf
Sign Permit Application 1-9-17
Sign Permit Application 1-9-171/9/201765 KB
Special Exception Application7/13/200726 KB
Subdivision Application7/13/200735 KB
Zoning Permit.pdf
Zoning Permit
Zoning Permit9/8/2017123 KB
Zoning Permit-Repair-Demolish-Elevate Flood Damaged Structure.pdf
Zoning Permit-Repair-Demolish-Elevate Flood Damaged Structure
Zoning Permit-Repair/Demolish/Elevate Flood Damaged Structure9/8/2017164 KB
Zoning Hearing Board Variance Application7/13/200729 KB


Chapter 25 - Part 1 Shade Tree Commission.pdf
Chapter 25 - Part 1 Shade Tree Commission
Chapter 25 - Part 1 Shade Tree Commission10/31/20161052 KB
Property Maintenance Code.pdf
Property Maintenance Code
Property Maintenance Code10/31/20163540 KB
Right to Know Ordinance - Chapter 1 - Part 5.pdf
Right to Know Ordinance - Chapter 1 - Part 5
Right to Know Ordinance - Chapter 1 - Part 510/31/2016855 KB