2020 Census

The 2020 Census is just around the corner!  Very soon every resident will receive a notice in the mail to answer the census questions online.  If the request to participate online goes unanswered, then after the quarantine through July, 2020 there will be census enumerators working in the neighborhoods stopping at residences homes to ask the questions.  The census is actually part of our constitution (Article 2) and began back in 1790.  Every 10 years each man, woman, and child is counted.  The importance of this count is enormous!  These counts are how the federal government decides how much money to grant each community for roads, bridges, other infrastructure, early childhood education, school lunches, food assistance, housing, fire, police, ambulance, healthcare, etc.

This is a part-time, temporary job and Snyder County needs responsible census enumerators to work this spring.  They will get paid to contact households that have not completed a census form and to help those residents submit their information.  The regional office in State College is currently hiring for Snyder County, paying $14.50 an hour plus mileage.  Census enumerators work flexible hours – days, evenings, and weekends.  Workers are paid for training and receive extra pay for evening and Sunday work.  Positions are ideal for retirees, veterans, high school seniors, college students, part-time  and seasonal workers, bus drivers, sales clerks, food service workers, and anyone unemployed.  Census enumerators typically work for 4 to 12 weeks, starting in their own community.  If you are looking to help by becoming a census enumerator, then apply at 2020census.gov/jobs.